Pronunciation: 'düsh
Function: verb
Etymology: unknown. Possible Scandinavian or German origin.
1 a. that which is here or especially now b. an immediate moment of awe that can’t be defined with mere words
2 a masculine greeting, salutation or goodbye
3 an assertion of freedom and justice
4 Northern MidwestU.S.: a sign of a completion.
What a wonderful world. I just tapped my bowl out. Doosh!
by Scoop Jackson October 24, 2005
A womens hole (DOOSH)
by Noo Noo Face July 18, 2009
a guy who listens to dance music in his/her car (GOES DOOSH DOOSH DOOSH). usually accomapnied by ugly highlighted hair and chair all the way in the BACK position
'That person is such a DOOSH'
by EVIL MOJO JOJO March 31, 2006
1] An american Word for vigina cleaner
2] an offensive word
1] im going to i must go use my doosh before tonights show
Jamie: Izaac your a doosh
Izaac: Fuck off!
by Jebbox September 02, 2009
This word originated near the 15th century, when it was firsted used as an interjection or adjective to describe emotions. It has adapted a later meaning,( douche )which many people now-a-days ignorantly dismiss as a spelling error, such as christina tufford. Shame on you.
Oh doosh i stubbed my toe!

What an unknowing doosh that christina is!
by Chris Moore = not a douche November 17, 2004
Insult to describe one's stupidness or silliness. Also, to describe one's shyness to the opposite sex.
1. "You're such a doosh!" *pushes*

2. "Don't be a doosh, silly billy!"

3. "Jonathan, you are acting like a doosh! You can't even say 'Hi' to a girl!"
by TARTARSAUCE. September 30, 2006
a spin-out while playing any of the gran turismo games./failure in anything

"hitting that corner at such a high speed always results with a doosh."/when it comes to stereo installation, ryan is a doosh.
by dirk squarejaw May 04, 2003

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