The act of sniffing the hair of your significant other from behind and subsequently shouting the phrase "Doom!" triumphantly, then acting as though nothing happened.

(originating from the Marvel comics character Dr. Doom's many odd images with the scarlet witch, and his tendency to announce his own name loudly).
Person 1: *sneaks up behind girlfriend with the intent of Dooming*
Girlfriend: "... If you Doom me I /will/ slap you."
by don't question me October 28, 2011
Top Definition
1. The act of playing bass heavy music, , usually in a car.
1. Don't mind if I doom!
2. Damn, who done rolled up dooming, dic?
3. Holy shit Eddie, That shit was dooming!
by wattie green September 09, 2009
To doom, to condemn to various things that would ultimately result in death, can also refer to daily, harmless activities.
"So, what are we dooming today?"

"Stop dooming at me!"

"What kind of doom is going on over there?"
by Emik March 05, 2004
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