3 definitions by SUX2BU

An individual who smells like hot garbage, bathes in his or her own urine & lives under a freeway overpass; A subject who is usually addicted to one or more drugs. A derogitory comment usually aimed @ transients, crackheads, or asshole buddies.
Thanks for drinking the last beer, you shit bag.
by SUX2BU October 16, 2003
A nugget of crack cocaine
Mario's mom sucked me off in exchange for a fat ass doom-doom
by SUX2BU October 16, 2003
The cheese that develops on the tea bags on a hot day, while playing sports, or while having sexual intercourse.
I tea-bagged timmy the other day while he was passed out drunk & left a moist sheet of ball butter on his forehead.
by SUX2BU October 16, 2003

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