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One of the greatest FPS of all time. While the game may look outdated today, the gameplay is unparalleled even today. The game plays incredibly well even nowadays. Most fanboys/fags say it sucks because the graphics are bad, but in that case, they need to fuck themselves. Gameplay > graphics.
Halo faggot: omg omg omgomgom Doom sucks halo is BETATAT!!!!1
Normal person: You fail it. Without Doom, Halo would have never existed, so suck your boyfriend's cock and chill out.
by Bashe August 21, 2005
Someone who likes Linkin Park. It's okay if you don't like them, but calling them stupid and they suck cock is fucking retarded.
I like Linkin Park!
by Bashe June 24, 2004
Probably the greatest Metallica, if not greatest metal album, ever released. With awesome songs such as Master of Puppets (the best of all), Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Disposable Heroes, and Damage Inc, this ablum does not fail. Metallica's...no, METAL's landmark.
Retard: liek omg, korn is soooo hevy
Guy: No, Metallica is the real deal. Listen to Master of Puppets.
Retard: liek omg ther gay the sold out lol noob
Guy: Dumbass
by Bashe April 16, 2006
When someone puts Ice Cream in a glass and pours root beer on it. Tasty, and has nothing to do with sex.
Yum, root beer float.
by Bashe March 04, 2006
Iron Maiden's fifth studio album, released in 1984. An excellent album, featuring some of their best songs.
Track list:
Aces High
2 Minutes to Midnight
Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)
Flash of the Blade
The Duellists
Back in the Village
Rime of the Ancient Mariner
by Bashe April 23, 2006
THE ultimate album of thrash. Released by Slayer in 1986, it's full of heavy, evil riffs and breakneck tempos. This album is the pinnacle of thrash metal, if not music istelf.

You must have this record!
Retard: omg like slipnot is extremely heavy death brutalcore hard death!!!!111
Guy: Just listen to Slayer's Reign in Blood
Retard: *listens* holy shit!
by Bashe April 16, 2006
Awesome album by Metallica. Features great songs like Creeping Death, For Whom the Bell Tolls, the title track, and more. Awesome stuff from Metallica with more goodness to follow...also the name of some stupid indie rock's album that no one cares about that they used to get attention just because they're a bunch of thieving whores.
Ride the Lightning is a terrific album.
by Bashe December 31, 2005
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