Dook Internet pervert. A person who tries to take advantages of other people depending on their sex, age, and race.
He's a dook for trying to convince me to see him at the mall.
by Doua August 13, 2007
A browse/look aimlessly. Like window shopping.
Hey, We're heading to take a doot about town, have a dook in the shops, you coming?
by AlanB March 26, 2007
1.another name for the anus fight
Billy and Tommy decided to DOOK it out when they couldn't decide who was uglier.
by Dahulk19 September 06, 2003
1. Nickname given to poo
2. Used as a disparaging term for an Asian person
1. Jesus, i just did the biggest dook in the toilet
2. Jesus, i just sucked off the biggest dook i've ever seen
by John March 22, 2003
a synonym of pwn or owned.
dude, he just got dooked.
by emma calie January 14, 2008
to fuck up the ass
i dooked that bitch soo hard last night
by MG November 01, 2003
When beating another in a game of Starcraft or any other online game. Or being d00ked, as in being killed or owned or screwed in more ways than one.
1. Man, you just d00ked him.
2. He's d00king that guy so badly.
3. We just got d00ked.
by Zero April 08, 2003

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