Basically, sex. Dook, or dooks means to have or be up for sex. Can also be meant in the sense of being attractive, as "Dooks" comes from Daisy Dukes (Played by Jessica Simpson)
"You get dooks?"
"We on dooks tonight?"
"Yeah she may be nice, but is she dooks?"
"Jade Ashley's such a gyallis, he gets dooks everytime he's out!"
by Jude-Hartley May 06, 2008
Something older people might call you, in the same way that they might call you "love" or "dear" in other places.
You are such a Dook! :)
by dArTiZ March 09, 2010
To pull personal information from someone based purely on their alias. This information includes but is not limited to: their full name, dob, mothers name, fathers name, current address, and phone number.
I dooked that guy that was harassing my gf.
by DigiD February 25, 2010
A hook upon which crispy, shiny de-feathered ducks are hung upon. There is usually an assortment of tapesty things underneath the dooks.
Proud Chef placed the last de-feathered beast upon his shiny dook. The ultra clear glass of the duckdow reflected the luminous orange glow of the crispy ducks that only yesterday were swimming in a pond.
by Brendorphous October 05, 2010
1) Perrier
2) Whiskey
3) Any drink consumed straight from the bottle

origin: Dook is the sound effect used to indicate drinking in Tony Millionaire's comic strip Maakies.
They were out of the six packs of dook, so I got a glass one.

CVS charges like two bucks for a dook.
by don't be coy February 21, 2011
Another name for a shit/turd/poop/ droppin the cosby kids off at the pool.usually used in slang.Shorter term for dookie.
Person 1 : "Hey man, gotta go blast a dookie'

Person 2 : "DOOK ON!"
by OTTOtheOTTO August 28, 2010
A penis that is bent or hooked, especially in a way that would increase a partners pleasure during intercourse.
Yo man.. Dave keeps getting all the fly hunnys... whats his secret ??

Its because hes blasting them with that savage dook of his... keeps em coming back for more.
by Edward Brimley December 05, 2009

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