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Basically, sex. Dook, or dooks means to have or be up for sex. Can also be meant in the sense of being attractive, as "Dooks" comes from Daisy Dukes (Played by Jessica Simpson)
"You get dooks?"
"We on dooks tonight?"
"Yeah she may be nice, but is she dooks?"
"Jade Ashley's such a gyallis, he gets dooks everytime he's out!"
by Jude-Hartley May 06, 2008
15 13
The University of New Jersey at Durham
Dook Sucketh.
by Doggie Fizzle July 11, 2003
534 257
short for dookie; poop; waste; stool
"i really have to take a dook, lets go home."
by Buns McFarty April 28, 2005
295 136
the noise which a ferret makes
dook dook dook
by BOYD1981 August 07, 2003
232 119
Chuckling sound a ferret makes when excited, exploring, playing or war dancing. Resembles a rooster sound.
Fluffy dooks and chatters whenever she's excited.
by cracked April 12, 2005
97 68
v. The act of taking a massive, smelly dump. Such a dump is often capable of ripping the anus.
Dude, I just took a HUUUUGE dook. I swear that first turd was the size of a lime!!! :-O ONO!!@#
by frieze July 14, 2003
113 93
1. To take a poo
1. Would you excuse me, I gotta dook.
by JD Christie February 25, 2004
48 41
Someone who demands respect but gives none.
Dooks is at it again!
Respect! Idiot!
by MonkeyBoyDaniel April 03, 2011
7 4