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7 definitions by frieze

A beautiful piece of machinery which unfortunately (and mistakenly) is associated with red-necked, mullet wearing sissies. In reality, it has offered fast, affordable, and reliable transportation to many hundreds of thousands over several decades. Many often hate the Camaro because they fear its superior performance and intimidating exhaust note (V8 model only). 3rd gen IROC Camaros are known to have clocked 220 thousand miles before requiring a rebuild, at the same time exhibiting only a miniscule amount of the compression loss often associated with higher milage engines.
My 88 IROC convertible still kicks the shit out of all those rice-rockets, and I even beat a 98 Mustang GT! It's been beaten, but it's certainly no slouch for a 15 year old car!! :D
by frieze August 12, 2003
1. Label given to the top-of the line 3rd generation Camaros, the IROC-Z ran from 1985-1990. The IROC offered strong acceleration (6.2 0-60 for 5.7 liter versions and a mid-14 second 1/4 mile), capable braking, and INCREDIBLE handling. IROCS have been known to put .92 G's down on the skid-pad. With a MacPhereson's strut suspension, they out-handle most "sporty" cars now, and still rank number four on Car and Driver's best handling car list.
2. Italian Retard Out Cruising; a useful acronym for the people who drive the vehicle described in definition number one. I can say this because I am, in fact, Italian. :-D
Fucking rice-rocket driving pussies assume that American cars can't handle for anything. They are often silent after being embarassed by a stock IROC both through the turns and in straight-line acceleration. For a racer on a budget, a 3rd gen IROC Camaro is the ideal platform; it can be made to hit low 12's for just over 3 thousand dollars, and will handle better than almost anything on the market. For about ten thousand total invested, you can have a fully street-legal race car that will do more than a straight line.
by frieze August 15, 2003
1. A male who is frequently the main penetrator in anal sex (with either a male or female).

2. A petty thief of fecal matter.
Yeah, it's all good till the pooper starts fighting back, isn't it? Turd burgler. I guess her @$$ didn't like that one.
by frieze July 14, 2003
1: N A poorly upgraded car with a tacky exterior (fart cannons), 2' wing, unpainted/poorly designed groud effects, seizure-inducing strobe lights and LEDs).
2. N: Any person who talks up their car without having anything to back it up. Although there are a FEW domstic-driving ricers, the term usually implies a person (of any race) who drives a 4 or 6 cylinder car and tries to make everyone think it is fast.
3. See also MORON
I was f*cking with that ricer sitting at the halfway point on my gas-pedal and staying by him, and when I actually stepped on it he called me a cheater and said I juiced him. LOL what a fucktard!
by frieze August 12, 2003
v. The act of taking a massive, smelly dump. Such a dump is often capable of ripping the anus.
Dude, I just took a HUUUUGE dook. I swear that first turd was the size of a lime!!! :-O ONO!!@#
by frieze July 14, 2003
1. A rude, obnoxious, and/or belligerent person. (s)he is usually said to have a smelly crotch.
Dude, no way! That bonch snagged my beer while I went to go drain my main vein!! What a rude, obnoxious and/or belligerent person he is!
by frieze July 14, 2003
A movie in which several individuals (frieze, barris, etc) endure nut-wrenching pain, all for the amusement of others. Footballs, croquet sticks, and good ol' tappers are the weapons of choice. As you may suspect, hilarity ensues. The movie started out as being called "tapper day," but when a typo caused the title to come out "tapper dan," it was decided that the movie needed a new title, because, well. . . tapper dan is just stupid. :D
Oh MAN!! Nut Job is the funniest movie EVER!! When frieze gets hit in the blz with that football, there's a slow-mo replay to "Take my Breath Away!"
by frieze August 08, 2003