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Doogler someone that doogles,the misfortune of being a doogler, to break things,make messes, unexplained missing parts when the dooglers around, drops things when asked to hold them. doesnt follow directions,unexplained fire and smoke.
Doogler broke the shit out of that screen door, he said he just turned the handle and the whole door broke off.
by kamerokid December 05, 2009
Employee that forwards links to co-workers on a weekly basis, known for being loud and obnoxious, easily replaceable with either an Excel macro or rudimentary Perl script. Often times slouches very low in a chair and reiterates stories about time spent at Fort James.
From The Doogler:

Something I should consider: (insert random web page)
by Doogler July 18, 2007
One who hunts blue crunch doogies. Used in place of "cool" or "sweet".
1 Sweet Doogler Man, look at her!
2 Oh Doogler, I failed the test.
by Bob666 April 15, 2004
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