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weird, fucked up, messed, also can mean wild, thrilling, or just cool
First Meaning: Thats fucking dooger man!

Second Meaning: That was the most dooger sex I have ever had!
by Dee November 04, 2004
52 23
a good fellow who deserves a much better life than what he is given, being constantly teased but then rising up to have mad respect out of the unique characteristics he has from being teased as a child, a good, non annoying christian person who is fun for a laugh or so. there life sucks
yo dooger check this out
by crustynraunchy December 04, 2007
23 14
A hot dog, particularly prepared at a summer cook out. Particularly tasty.
That cookout was awesome, and nothing beats fresh doogers on the grill.
by chimmy January 09, 2006
6 11
exclamation used to show displeasure at a situation that you have caused

similar to saying crap, shit, or damnit
After accidentally dropping something, or closing out of a window online, one would say "Doogers!"
by The Real Dascove July 11, 2008
0 8
noun -very dumb booger.
That girl over there, she is a dooger.
by oxford dictionary of whales March 12, 2005
1 11
A slang term, commonly used to refer to males named Luis from Puerto Rico. Normally the individual in question will be a walking hard on, prone to sleazing on Asian girls in a drunken and over bearing manner.
"Dooger, who the fuck is Dooger?"
"It's Dooger!"
"Eveyone needs a Dooger"
by Colin Tate February 02, 2006
5 16
A piece of Fecal matter.
Dude,I have to drop a mean Dooger
by MisterMotion March 31, 2009
6 18