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some one stupid.
from the word doof which is german for "stupid"
oh mai gard ur such ay doofus
by Dux00rs July 11, 2004
Someone who hasn't got a clue!
They live in blissful ignorance of the world, fashion, personal hygiene and social skills.

Invariably laughs like a baboon being repeatedly punched.
"That bloke is a total dufus"
"He laughs like a fat, useless dufus! Lets promote him!"
by Anon January 02, 2004
An foolish, incompetent or stupid person.
tina is a prime example of a doofus
by werdna33 May 10, 2005
A total fucking idiot
by Christy February 12, 2003
A big, slow, dumbass

see also Homer Simpson
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
someone totally stupid, dumb and clueless (zong)
omgsh that zong is such a doofus
by Yummy girl asia December 09, 2006
One who behaves in an irrational or immature manner
Don't be such a doofus!!!
by Splenda June 21, 2001