Other definitions of "doofus" lack the depth and degree of the term. A "doofus" is someone whose face jiggles like Richard Nixon when he falsely claims, "I am not a crook." Nixon was a darkside doofus. On the other hand Terrell Owens is a lightweight doofus. Not only does he rattle on like a moron, but his classic "face hanging out in front of his skull" is classic proof of Doofusism. George Bush would be a doofus if he wasn't such a Republican Peckerwood. The state of Republican Peckerwood inevitably leaves its host a drooling idiot. Look at Dick Cheney, for a strong example of lame-ass, senile yet psychotic Doofusism. In his last V.P. debate he starred in the role lame-ass doofus by laying across the podium like a too-pregnant wart-hog.
President Obama is something of a doofus, himself. He's a heroic doofus. He proves a doofus can be very intelligent and still be a doofus. He can outsmart the bad guys, save the planet and due to his glowing smile and Martian ears still be a "a face hanging out in front of his skull," doofus.
by the pro from dover July 28, 2010
"Doofus" is a bastardization of the native southern Finnish word "dorfus" which means "one without a pontiff goat." The word is used ironically on Facebook pages and forums to refer to one who is intellectually challenged, yet displays notable cerebral capacity. Popularized on 4Chan, it is now a well known internet meme.
You Doofus.

Did you just say "Dorfus" because the use of that word would be erroneous.

No, I said Doofus.

by Late_Edition October 23, 2010
From the french deux fois - meaning two times. A person who is a doofus can't get something right the first time.
John was a bit of a doofus because he failed the exam and will have to sit for a second time.
by ChrisThom March 06, 2010
Umm A Proper Retarded Doofus
completely retarded doofus that doesnt know anything but seems to think they are always right
by cupcake11 November 08, 2009
Any breed of large, mean looking dog such as an American Bulldog, Pitbull, Staffordshire Terrier, etc. These dogs are known for brute strength and tough looking appearance, however they are really just loveable little goofs.
Danielle: I was walking the dog this morning and I saw another Doofus in the neighborhood, except he was solid white.
by Dwad! April 07, 2010
1. A person who makes statements that aren’t true, in a conscious effort to deceive somebody in matters of love and relationship. A liar.
2. A person who hides certain aspects about themselves in order to deliberately create a false impression, which is often done to gain sympathy or compassion, as an inroad to love and relationship.
3. A person who cheats on his loved ones and relationships.
1. He's such a doofus! Larry will tell you anything to get into a relationship with you, even though he's a married man.
2. A right doofus that Larry is! He doesn’t wear his wedding ring, and tries to make it sound like his married life is unbearable without you.
3. That Larry is a doofus; you don't want to get into a relationship with him. Doofus is as doofus does!
by CriticalThanking June 18, 2007
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