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anything that can be perceived as cute or adorable
Went to the pet shop and saw a dooey bunny rabbit
by BeckySmith October 23, 2008
To act in a strange and unhealthy manner around girls you have just met/have only known for a short period of time, also referrs to an excess of male selfies/creepyness via social networking

Including, but not limited to;

Declaring undying love for a girl only recently met

Hiding outside girls houses in the dark to watch what they're doing

Taking an excessive number of selfies whilst staring through the camera into the very soul of the observer

Being friends on Facebook with every girl in a 15 mile radius

Prowling the streets until the early hours in an incospicuous vehicle
Anthony's only known her for 7 hours and they're already talking about marriage, he's such a dooey!

Bryan isn't coming out because he's too busy taking selfies, what a dooey thing to do!

Dad there's a dooey in the bushes, he's just watching us

Ooh girl when he looks at you his eyes penetrate your very soul, he's so dooey
by CavNorris October 08, 2013

juvenile word similar to poop/doo-doo/doody etc
the enema made me do a big dooey
by su france June 18, 2005
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