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8 definitions by rickyyyyy

slang for Newport Beach
I'm so glad to be back in Newps
by rickyyyyy May 23, 2007
a demand for a female to give oral pleasure to a man
Smoke me bitch...please
by rickyyyyy May 23, 2007
a session where you sit there and masturbate. crankin ur dick
Ricky: Ali, you wanna come over and paly madden?

Ali: Naw, my parents are out of town, so i think im just gonna go home and have a nice crank sesh
by rickyyyyy May 23, 2007
slang for a person who received a DUI recently
French is NOT driving, he's a dooey
by rickyyyyy May 23, 2007
a phrase you shout when your with a lot of people and while getting out of a seat that you want empty when you come back. this word automatically makes you safe from getting your seat stolen.
(as ricky got out of his seat to grab a drink he shouted): Deadman!
by Rickyyyyy May 23, 2007
to masturbate in a fashion of gently stroking up and down the phallus, pleasantly, covering all spots...compared to vigorously and violently beating the meat...which can leave chaff marks
When colby got home ,he planned to clean the pickle, to save him from further scarring
by rickyyyyy May 23, 2007
an exclamatory phrase used when you get to the brink of dying while doing an extraordinarily hard lift at the gym

acronym for Fuck That! No Problem!

yelling this usually results in a better lift and an aggressive attitude while excersizing, causing you to finish your lift and go on being a meathead

Jacob: Yes you can!

Jordan: C'mon!

(all together): FTNP!!!!

Ricky: ahhh got it! thanks guys
by rickyyyyy May 23, 2007