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1) vulva/vagina
Almost certainly a proper technical term for the female organ(s) - consider the number of similar-sounding terms in both Latin and Germanic languages. Became a taboo word simply because it related to both sex and femininity - but many prefer it, finding that other everyday terms like "pussy" just don't have the right sound.

2) stupid/contemptible person of either gender
Only in America is this considered a specifically misogynistic insult. In Britain it is most likely to be heard amongst men quarelling.
(Message to board moderator who rejects my definitions:)
I may have a cunt, but don't presume I am one.
by su france September 03, 2005
The anus/rectum, esp. when viewed sexually
JB only fucks women up the shit hole
by su france December 29, 2007
To aggressively fuck someone - consensually or otherwise
I'm in a dom-sub relationship - my husband can force fuck me anytime, anyplace, no warning.
by su france April 07, 2010
1. Sexual intercourse; a partner in this
2. Have sexual intercourse with.
Note: over time, this verb has lost any implications re positions and active/passive roles. Women can use it of men, though they seldom do. (e.g early Sidi Bou Said song in which female vocalist wonders "shall I lay him? I don't know..."
by su france June 02, 2005
anal virginity
account of porn star "deflowering" anal virgin: "...but when he pops her dewy cherry, she doesn't seem to like it"
by su france May 08, 2004
1. Girls who appear to make themselves sexually available as often as possible, with no restrictions.
2. Girls who have rape fantasies and who make themselves vulnerable to rape in order to live them out.
1. "Young feminists who also equated sexual harassment with rape...contributed to the de-sexing of the American white male. One might argue that the excesses of Do-Me Girls are in part a reaction against all this". Susain Crain Bakos

2. "She wanted to get gang-raped, she's a total do-me girl" Anon, 2003
by su france February 08, 2010
Vagina; female genitalia

Origin - possibly due to appearance but more likely a reference to menstruation as the word properly means a wound (bleeding). Not a nice word to hear in a sexual context but evocative of monthly messes - e.g
In the past few days my "cunt" has officially changed identity and become my "gash"
by Su France March 27, 2007
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