Dude boobs. Large. Fat. Piles. Of man nipples,
by Banana April 15, 2005
Top Definition
a nicely rolled package of weed; a joint. re: dube
"let's hide out back & smoke this doob while the family's out.."
by geezus February 01, 2003
Marijuana in general. Also "doobage"
"Got any doob?"
"Time for some doob"
"Spark the doobage"
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
slang for blunts..or other rolled pot.
lets go roll some doobs..its 4:20.
by HoLLeR 4 2 0 April 24, 2005
nice fucking joint of weed
i need to finish the other half of my doob before my family gets back
#doobie #dooby #pot #spilff #jimmy #left-handed cigerette
by kingcluez August 26, 2009
A 'doob' refers to an attractive member of the female gender. They are indisputably hot.
It is believed to stemmed from the word 'do-able'.
"Holy shit look at that babe!"

"Yeah she's a real doob"

"So many doobs go to my uni mate!"
#doob #attractive #chick #woman #babe
by Doobhunterz October 19, 2013
An Australian slang word that means a chick (most of the time a slut).
"This party is shit where are the doobs at?" doob
"oi check that doob" doob
#chick #hot #slut #australia #girl
by eetsbruvva November 07, 2013
Pronounced due-bz. Is a universal word, originated from and most used by the teenager of the Champlain district of Vancouver BC, Canada, often used to substitute for nouns, verbs and adjectives in a sentence.

Originally used as a nickname for a blunt or joint. The term has changed meaning around 2010.

Different forms include
doobs (verb or plural noun or adjective)
doob (singular noun)
doobsing (adjective)
doobed (past tense verb)
You doobs.
You're such a doob.
Oh doobs man!
I doobed it.
Stop doobsing the doobs.
Did you just doobed it.
#skid #kid #head #cheese bread #doobs
by Hungdaddy316 July 02, 2011
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