Dude with Boobs. Not a pretty sight when at the beach. It's a little unfair us girls have to cover-up when fatass doob-man gets to flant his stuff all over the place.
by Pepsix March 23, 2009
A boyfriend, usually a dolt/idiot male companion. Origin: Northside Chicago, akin to "Chad"; unsuccessful player type.

Related words: Doobhole, schDOOBid, Doobed (as in "I got Doobed"), Doobious, Doobers.
Frickin' Doobs got two beers splashed in his face when he showed up at the party with a date. Ha! He had no idea his girlfriend would be there- and manning the drink station!
by SugarBaby August 02, 2004
A sound effect made by pronouncing this word while attempting to punch someone but actually he or she was not being punched. Adding a star (*) in front would be a verb for chatting purposes. It also can be used as a greeting too.
Wake up man, *doob!!
by Bertezza June 26, 2011
A kind insult for someone, insulting them when they have done something really stupid, but funny at the same time.
aaww, Bob! You doob!
by paha..banana. November 16, 2010
to leave, dip, or be on the go
Dude, let's doob. This party is bunk.

Okay, I'm doobin now. I'll be there in 5.

We need to doob NOW. The cops are here!
by Bunny+Weenie February 10, 2011
Someone who fits both the categories of a doosh and a n00b. They often try to be a genuine doosh (AKA spiked hair, white sunglasses, fake tan, doing pushups in public, posting shirtless pictures of themselves on Facebook, etc.), but fail miserably which makes them a n00b.

This word is great to use around your parents because while insulting, it is not recognizable as derogatory to the older generation.
Brooke: Wow, get a load of this guy.
Gus: What.
Brooke: He's constantly posting shirtless pictures of himself on Facebook.
Gus: How many people are on his friend's list?
Brooke: 29. Cuz nobody likes him.
Gus: What a doob.
by Doob Smacker October 22, 2011
Someone who doesn't know anything about marijuana; usually a buzz killer
Guy: I'm gonna go light up a roach.
Doob:Why would you want to smoke a bug?
Guy: Your such a doob.
by BubeTube May 30, 2011

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