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3 definitions by kingcluez

nice fucking joint of weed
i need to finish the other half of my doob before my family gets back
by kingcluez August 26, 2009
pot that you scrounge up from nothing. ie: usually what is leftover after a bag is empty and you wish you had more to smoke
Bobby: Hey man, got a doobie to smoke?
Todd: Shit, I wish man, I just smoked my last skeeter. *sigh*
by Kingcluez September 09, 2009
a very small ass joint of marijuana.
Tommy: God dammit!! What the fuck am I going to do?
George: What's wrong man?
Tommy: *sigh* All I got is this fucking penner left to smoke on, if even that much.... My life is over...
George: *snicker* Sorry to hear that man. Mind if we smoke it?
by Kingcluez October 27, 2009