doob, you ok?
by burgerwurger January 24, 2011
Someone who fits both the categories of a doosh and a n00b. They often try to be a genuine doosh (AKA spiked hair, white sunglasses, fake tan, doing pushups in public, posting shirtless pictures of themselves on Facebook, etc.), but fail miserably which makes them a n00b.

This word is great to use around your parents because while insulting, it is not recognizable as derogatory to the older generation.
Brooke: Wow, get a load of this guy.
Gus: What.
Brooke: He's constantly posting shirtless pictures of himself on Facebook.
Gus: How many people are on his friend's list?
Brooke: 29. Cuz nobody likes him.
Gus: What a doob.
by Doob Smacker October 22, 2011
dog with boobs, dog boobs
"our dog has doobs"
"look at those doobs, they're so floppy!"
by shutterbugger September 16, 2009
Word used to describe someone who's done something very dumb. Similar to "idiot" "ass" or "jerk," but still being dumb at the same time. Used mostly as adjective but can be a verb.
Wow, he's such a doob, he stood her up at the movies.

He really doobed it up at the party last night, I doubt she'll talk to him tomorrow.

You're a doob.
by truth6580 May 29, 2011
The cross between a douche and a boob.
"wow your ugly"
"dont talk to me you doob"
by awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee April 25, 2010
a male human's breasts.
That old man's doobs are sagging almost to his belly button!
by ssortnom February 21, 2010
Doob/Doobs - Person on people who fail or do weird, old, or just flat out n00b-ish things.
Marcus : "We just won a game of Halo 3 by 20 points!"

Steve: "I know! and they had the sword the whole time!"

Marcus: "What a bunch of stupid DOOBS"
by Venezu3la January 14, 2010

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