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a condom! also knows as "the doobinator"
"yo iz doobin ma doob doob"
by aimauth lad April 13, 2008
A fat gay asshole that is addicted to cronic
Oppisite of UBER
You guys are a bunch of Doobs
by Nihman April 15, 2008
A Faggot, Douche and Boob put together.
Also refered as retard, dumbass, shithead, fuck hole, ass wipe, and cock master
U are a fucking doob!
Ur such a Doob!
U doobert!
U doob!
by Troy KrabbTree December 08, 2007
Acr. for Dutch Noob, A Person whom is of Dutch Decent with no god dam experience whatsoever.
Vandernoob is a Doob
by Mis:fit September 08, 2007
A kick ass band from IM Michigan.
Did you hear Doob? Yeah man they kick major ass!
by ppuff October 13, 2006
A insult made for people that are slower than a herd of turtles running through peanut butter.
"Wow, you can be such a doob sometimes!"
by lacrosse70 July 24, 2005