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Quickly accelerating the car and then yanking the wheel so the car spins. Works well with snow and mud, after a rain. Not recomended for cars that tip easily.
We wanted to cause some trouble so we did some donuts in the quad to tear up the grass.
by frog4lunch November 06, 2003
Underware or the briefs worn under a cheerleading or pon pom uniform.
"Wait dont come in yet, I only have my spankies on!"
by frog4lunch November 06, 2003
A quick trip to the store for the sole purpose of buying liquor. Usually referred to when getting liquor for others.
Jake told me to ask everyone if they needed more beer because we were going on a liquor run.
by frog4lunch November 06, 2003
When a girl who has a booty do wears a tight shirt and she REALLY shouldn't!
Cierra: Damn Monique has a little ass shirt on today.
Shannon: She looks a hot mess!
Cierra: Thats what I call a booty do!
Shannon: More like a booty don't!
by frog4lunch April 19, 2004
When something is more than delicious it has to be delicerous!
Almost dinosaur sounding, delicerous eludes the idea that something is Delicious in gigantous proportions!

Also see gigantous on Urban Dictionary for further information.
Damn Steve you looks so good in those glasses and beer that is makes my mouth water! One could almost say you look Delicerous!

Giordano's pizza is so good it puts me into a food coma. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, this pizza is quite delicerous!
by frog4lunch January 18, 2011
The plastic claw clips that girls use to put their hair up into a messy french twist. A plastic clip with two claws that inter lock to hold the hair.
Damn I broke one of the claws off of my cochita.
by frog4lunch November 06, 2003
Overalls. They type that arent tight like a farmer and they are saggy.
Holly had her bibs on today but, she didn't look like no farmer!
by frog4lunch November 06, 2003
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