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Used in similar effect to, "So many things to do, so little time." Specifically, it is used with referennce to hotties.

This term was taken from the movie Topgun.
"Wanna get a few drinks at the bar first?"
"Negative ghostrider, the pattern is full."
by Raney October 21, 2004
When a straight woman is enticed into loving a member of the same sex. Usually through some wild experience or situation.

Angelina Jolie apparently causes the lesbianing of many women. Another is Sienna Guillory. In her breakout role as Jill Valentine in Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004), she effectively turned a good amount of the straight female population into lesbians.

Can be used to describe homosexual men becoming straight too. The reason why there is no "gaying" or "heterosexualing" is because this phenomenon has mainly occured among women. This is why lesbianing has its cross-use applied to homosexual men becoming male.
"Sienna Guillory is a hot fox. I kept drooling in the theatre while watching Apocalypse" - Former Heterosexual Woman
by Raney October 22, 2004
This term is used to connote positivity, or negativity with a particular situation, or object.

On its own, the term is good. But, mix up your words a bit, and you can flip it around to make it seem bad.
"Dude I crashed into a manure truck the other day."
"I'm not surprised, your driving isn't exactly award winning."

"That Klipspringer is an award winning son of a bitch."

"Dude, Terry is so rico suave with the ladies, it's award winning."
by Raney November 19, 2004
A place that is very far from where you are, or live. Can also be used to suggest a lack of knowledge of a place.

Background and source are not known.
However, the is very similar to West Bubblefuck and has the same meaning.
"Where the fuck is this East Christmas?"

"My friend lives in East Christmas, at the end of Whaddafuck Drive and Commons."
by Raney October 21, 2004
Medical Staff term to state that an individual has passed away. Background not known (by me anyway).
"I'm callin' it, its 1900."
"Alright, get the stiff i-deed, and tagged."
by Raney November 20, 2004

Slang for an emergency T-type spare-wheel for a vehicle. These types of spare wheels are not very wide. Usually a torus-like tire affixed to a steel rim. They vaguely resemble the delicacy of the same name.

Not to be confused with a spare, stock wheel. (As normally seen on Jeeps and large SUV type vehicles.) Stock Spares are frequently attached to the rear door (on an SUV). Donuts are a feature of some cars, and are store in a small space in the trunk.

Donuts are very limited in their ruggedness. You can't go above fifty, and can't go over bumps or anything interesting on the road.
"I tore the balancer of my alloy rim, now i'm stuck on the donut for a week until the replacement wheel comes."
by Raney November 13, 2004

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