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An asshole without the attitude or agressiveness. A derogatory term to describe someone of useless ability and questionable intelligence.
Jim turned down a date with a lingerie model because he had to study for finals, thereby proving that he is a complete and utter assmunch.
by NB March 12, 2003
1) used as a term of endearment or a pick up line. It can be somebody who is a girlfriend, lover, platonic female friend or casual female acquaintance.

2) a female, usually Spanish or Puerto Rican.
Hey, ma, you looking good

What up, ma?
by nb July 18, 2005
The Zerg
Cant Organize Shit
Noob CareBear Alliance
Cos Zerged another city of 12 today

Cos is lead by an extremely flamboyant man named Herog.
by NB November 29, 2003
donks is when you walk around aimlessly and manage to win, also known as super lucky.
Oh my god you pulled a donks.

Wow thats sooo donks.
by nb November 09, 2003
to do everything customary and necessary to bed a harlot but then to have the bitch turn around, get her rocks off, and leave you with blue balls
I took the bitch to dinner, we had drinks, i proceeded to munch on that persian rug, only to have the slut turn over and go to bed before i got off. The bitch fayed me!!
by nb February 28, 2003

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