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a weekend that ended up sucking a fat shit
see weak
brian: dude i was so bummed, i had a weakend.
paul: dude that sucks man, i had the tightest weekened ever!
by froie March 01, 2007
A weekend when nothing interesting happens.
We went to Maddie's place - talk about a weakend...
by Steve Potts May 26, 2007
Is what you get after 5 days of masterbating
After wanking his way through the working week, William had a weakend.
by MetalSpork December 04, 2010
1. A weekend so lame and empty that Sunday evening, you become horrified that it is already over, and you have nothing to show for it. 2. A completely unsatisfying weekend. 3. A weekend that afforded you no break from work or school.
It was ten o'clock Sunday night when I realized my weakend was over.
by slinkylittlething April 27, 2008
swollen asshole
I can't sit right now, I have a weakend.
by the driller October 18, 2009