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Leaving an imprint of a penis head on any item or person; Grease marks left by only a penis head; The shape of a penis head when pressed on the glass; After intercourse leaving an imprint from vaginal lube on an person or item.
Example 1:

Darryl left a dognose on the that mean woman's car window.

Example 2:

John dognosed that hookers cheek.
by oaks420247 March 14, 2011
It sniffs you
"OMG There's a dognose in my ear"
by dognose January 22, 2003
To disturb one's slumbering wife upon returning to bed after answering a nocturnal call of nature by touching her on the leg or buttocks with a cold, wet bell end.
'You look shattered, Mildred.' 'I am, Maude! It took me a long while to get to sleep last night then Arthur dog nosed me after I'd finally dropped off'
by J Biscuit February 04, 2013
For a male to urinate and then wipe his wet cold penis on his partner.
It was horrible, he dog nosed me in the middle of the night.
by Stef Major April 07, 2004
a part of a dog that is fun to twist
He twisted my dog's nose, my dog went geeee
by Anonymous November 09, 2003
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