needy and lazy and fat and whiney
but we love them to death anyway
dont hurt them, they have feelings too
play with them everyday and and give all your love to them and they will love you unconditionally back
1. dog is a mans best friend
by rikki rian January 30, 2009
One ugly girl or man. Usually, in a case of a dog you would stay away from it.
WOW, Jessica Zonb is a Dog!!!
by kkfhlggerg October 02, 2006
A person that ditches his friends for other things.
"Screw hangingout with my mates, im going to dog them and go have bum sex with that pedofile from pizza hut"
by Anonymous Chinese Person March 31, 2008
Dog means a friend or a person that you hangout with. Not to be confused with an animal dog.
For Example:

What up dog?

Yo dog what up?
by Sk8r Gurl! August 21, 2009
A companion that will love you forever as long as respect, feed, love and care for them.
My dog loves me like I love him!
by singer201998 July 14, 2009
a person's feet
It feels so good to let my dogs out of my shoes.
by Melissa June 28, 2004
A best friend. Always there. Doesn't ask for more than a scratch on the back or a pat on the belly...
by pmunkyandpals October 12, 2008

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