Someone who says they'll go somewhere or do something with you, then they don't do it.
Fredrick: Hey Tom, Billy isnt coming to the fight anymore.
Tom: What a DOG...
by Thomas Lillypad February 25, 2009
Dog is Alyx's robot bodyguard and playmate. Dog was first found in the Black Mesa East chapter. Alyx Vance's dad made Dog to pertect Alyx against the aliens. Dog is a strong fighter, you will see him throw a van at a group of Combine Soldiers and destroy a Combine APC at a building, even pull of a brian out of a Strider! Dog also saved Alyx against a Combine Advisor.
Dog has a ball that looks like a Rollermine and a face from a destroyed Scanner Type 1, with 3 plates instead of 4 and repainted.
by Mega Sean 45 June 18, 2008
Delusions Of Grandeur

A D.O.G. is someone with the potential to have really big dreams but without applying oneself will end up just eating the dirt, metaphorically speaking.

A D.O.G. usually starts out very timid or perhaps somewhat of a spaz in social situations. They show all traits of an extremely bright but also very underdeveloped individual.
D.O.G. in a classroom: Dude I think I'm gonna go to college and get my AA degree or something. But then I'll want to work a good job too, I mean I don't want to flip burgers or anything like that. Maybe then I'll meet a nice girl with cute boobs and butt and go out with her and once I make enough money we'll be able to go on expensive dates and then we'll get married and have lots of babies. Hurray!

Other students: Okay whatever... (sigh)

P.E. teacher: Alright maggot give me 10 push ups

D.O.G.: But sir my arms hurt

by Balfdor August 11, 2006
An adjective used to describe rude, unfriendlike or unsportsmanlike behaviour. Appears to have originated at Newlands College in New Zealand.
Person 1: I gave Bob money to buy me maccas but he ate it himself.
Person 2: That's so dogs, man!
by VickiandJosh4EVZ September 26, 2014
A small to moderately sized four-legged furry thing.
It's name is an acronym for; "Digestible Object Gurgitator"
It lives on table-scraps, chum, biscuits and anything it can feasibly get into it's mouth.
My pet Dog refuses to register Mc'Cain's Micro Chips as an edible foodstuff.
by Psychedelic Warlord January 08, 2013
A term to describe soldiers. It comes from them wearing dog tags.
"There go the dogs to fight another war".
by Hunter of trolls December 30, 2011
Deca OG.... A 10 or more year veteran of something.
He is a real DOG
by Sheriff Jon October 04, 2011

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