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the pet that "licks" the peanut butter off your wife when your not there
by big_joe13 June 05, 2009
37 28
The only weakness to Anonymous (see:Hackers on Steroids)
She installed electronic security, a phone tracing system, and bought a dog.
by anon2534525 July 24, 2008
17 9
Telephone. From the cockney rhyming slang Dog and Bone = phone
Get on the dog to the betting shop, theres a horse i want to put a fiver on.
by Rich Lawson May 22, 2005
15 9
From the mean streets of Harlem, starting around the time of Biggie. Short for "Damn Ol' Gangsta".
Shit homie, that nigga is a D.O.G.!
by Legendary 70s Pornstar November 07, 2004
10 4
The police, or more specifically, a group of angry police on a raid. Often arresting people. This term is used in the bogan areas of Australia, and is highly derrogatory.
"Shit, the dogs are here!"
"The dogs just came in and started arresting people."
by Will "Vexus" Moss May 05, 2008
33 28
verb: to follow closely behind, or to check (someone) frequently, implies that the action causes some annoyance or interference (from the fact that a pet dog will often follow closely at its master's heels).

Similar in some senses to 'hound' as a verb.
The boss dogged me all morning until I got that report finished.
by Mark Gardner January 27, 2006
10 5
A word used when referring to a friend or companion.
Yo that is my dog over there!
by PimpFoShizzle May 03, 2005
9 4