A game in which the object is to take rubber balls and throw them at members of the opposing team, and is won when an entire team is out. It starts with 6-10 rubber balls being lined up in the middle of the court. When the game starts, everyone makes a mad dash to pick up a ball and chuck it at the other team. If you are hit by the ball before it touches to ground, you are out. If you catch the ball, the thrower is out, and, depending on the rules, a member of your team may come back in.

This sport was banned in American public schools, apparently by both tree-hugging pinko liberals and bible-thumping conservatives. It was probably banned becuase of the fact that dodgeball is not a good co-ed sport. And since your average PE-loving meathead has no concept of self control, what results is 5'1" tall 110 pound girls being hit in the face by balls traveling upwards of the speed of sound.

Dodgeball is touted by supporters as natural selection in action. Others claim it is needed to put the fatties and pussies in their respective places. Some even go so far as to say it teaches skills.

Dodgeball, although banned, is still the archetypical sport of gym class, and is remembered as such. Everyone except the fat, uncoordinated and general pussies is sad to see it go.
That ball Mike whipped at Lauren knocked her a good ten feet back and gave her a concussion.

That ball Mike whipped at that fat kid made him drop his Milk Duds.
by SleazySaint June 16, 2004
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A great game that quickly separates the strong from the weak, the boys from the girls, and the normal from the pussies.

The sole reason for showing up to elementary school gym class.
C'mon, kids! Let's get in some dodge ball before the liberal commie fags at the school board make us stop and hug each other for gym class.
by dammit janet October 23, 2003
Gym-class style sport where a bunch of kids get divided into two teams and throw approximately 6-10 playground balls at each other across the middle-line of a gymnasium (which may not be crossed) in an attempt to get each other "out". If a ball is thrown into another player without bouncing off of anything, that player is "out" unless they catch the ball, in which case the thrower is "out". Once a ball bounces, it is essentially out of play until thrown again. This game is now being outlawed in schools, in a consistent attempt on behalf of the government to make children weak, retarded, and liberal.
Dodgeball is too violent to be played in our schools! Doesn't anyone know that children are actually made of extremely brittle materials and should not be touched by ANYTHING?
by Al October 14, 2003
One if the best games ever invented, mabe PE worthwhile, should not have been banned just because a few weaklings complain when they are hit with a ball, stupid schools
by Samuari October 27, 2003
1. A sport where "almost" nobody is seriously injured...

2. How I broke my foot
1. Hey, did you hear, Intramural Dodgeball is at the community center!

2. I was catching a dodgeball when I heard a snap, I knew I would never hear the end of this one.
by Hobbles216 June 29, 2005
A very good movie
also a game played in gym class which can cause injury or even DEATH poor kenny always dies
"If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball"
"If you can dodge traffic you can dodge a ball"
by Josh February 11, 2005
the sole reason that middle school physical education was created

upon the creation of dodgeball came other games deriving from the root word, such as basketball and football, neither of which even compare in quality
kids wish class would last longer so they could play dodgeball for a longer time frame
by andrew May 25, 2004
A very fun game that is being outlawed ONLY IN AMERICA (thus creating one of the many reasons why Canada is better :D), because a bunch of liberal Americans want to have the USA's kids playing more football. It involves people set up into two teams, each getting a bunch of balls and throwing the balls at whoever is on their enemy team. If a person is hit at or below their groin, they are out(meaning they stop playing unless you are playing Revenge dodgeball, where players that are knocked out have a chance to get back in). However, most people (regardless of how accurate they are) have a difficult time accomplishing this, because anybody who's not a dumbass will do one of the following:

A. Keep an extra ball handy for blocking other balls, unless you are playing Time Catch dodgeball(where you can only hold a ball you catch for 3 seconds max or you are out).
B. Grab the ball(most common).
C. Pull off an uber-cool Matrix-style dodge and leave your opponent in tears.

The game of dodgeball has been modified into many different kinds of play, making it an extremely fun and versatile game. Also, it's ridiculously easy to set up and play.
1. Let's play dodgeball!
by Jerry Cheesecake January 05, 2004

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