A game that has the players divided into two teams that play on separate sides of a court with a line down the middle that cannot be crossed. Each team is given a number of balls that they use to try to hit someone with. If you are hit you are out, but if you catch the ball the person who threw it at you is out.

This game was played mostly in elementary/middle schools but is now being outlawed. :(

- If you're skinny, hide behind the bigger people. It always works until the teacher sees what you are doing.
- Carry an extra ball to hit other balls coming your way
Dodgeball gave some kid a concussion and now we can't play it anymore. What a sissy.
by a dodgeball lover June 21, 2006
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In Germany, many students play an improved version of dodgeball, in which one person of each team (called "angel") is playing around the other team so he/she can circle around it. Members of the same team can pass the ball to this person so that the attacked team can be confronted not only from one but from every side.
Also after an opponent has caught a ball, the person who has thrown is not out.
The people that did not manage to catch a ball, have to join the "angel". By that, winning is becoming more difficult for the better team.
When one team has only one person left within the field, the "angel" comes in as a reinforcement. He/She then has 2 lives meaning the angel can be hit 2 times by the ball, before he/she is finally out.
The game is often played with softballs.
Try it! It is really much more fun than the old dodgeball and by adding another ball, it can really get crazy
by Malte November 17, 2003
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A athletic game made played mainly in American elementary and middle schools in which participants throw foam or rubber balls at each other. If a player is struck by a ball in mid-flight, without catching it, he or she is out of the game. Because of its rudimentary simplicity and low initial costs, dodgeball is enjoying a resurgence among urban and suburban adults.
When I was in middle school, I was quite the dodgeball player. I was fast and had good hand/eye coordination, which is all you really need. Plus I could catch. Unfortunately, the game was eventually banned from my school by a bunch of conservative, bible-thumping Republicans, who preferred us to stay indoors all day and praise Jesus.
by el bouche June 11, 2004
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Dodgeball (or dodge ball) is the name of a traditional elementary school game, taught in high school education classes, but also popular in informal settings, often played by schoolchildren on a playground. There are many variations of the game, but all involve some players trying to avoid being hit by a ball, that other players are throwing at them.

Players are usually split into teams, though sometimes play individually. A number (although sometimes only one) of medium-sized rubber balls (the same sort used in four square) are placed in a central location. The objective of each player is to hit an opponent so as to eliminate him or her from the game. The game ends when one player (or team) remains.

In some variants, catching the ball enacts a reversal; if the target catches (rather than dodges) the ball, the thrower is eliminated. In other variations a catch (in addition to eliminating the thrower) also allows another player from the catching team to re-enter. In other variants which don't allow catching, handling the ball counts as a hit, while punching or handling the ball with a closed fist does not. In all versions, a player who steps from his square to the enemy team's square is also eliminated.

One rule variant specifies that players who are hit, instead of stepping off the court, sit down where they are hit. If any of these players should later catch a ball thrown by the opposing team, the opposing thrower is out (and must sit down) and the player who caught the ball is back in.
Let's go play dodgeball and lay a stinger on some of these geeks.
by iDodgeball.com November 17, 2005
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A game in which the object is to take rubber balls and throw them at members of the opposing team, and is won when an entire team is out. It starts with 6-10 rubber balls being lined up in the middle of the court. When the game starts, everyone makes a mad dash to pick up a ball and chuck it at the other team. If you are hit by the ball before it touches to ground, you are out. If you catch the ball, the thrower is out, and, depending on the rules, a member of your team may come back in.

This sport was banned in American public schools, apparently by both tree-hugging pinko liberals and bible-thumping conservatives. It was probably banned becuase of the fact that dodgeball is not a good co-ed sport. And since your average PE-loving meathead has no concept of self control, what results is 5'1" tall 110 pound girls being hit in the face by balls traveling upwards of the speed of sound.

Dodgeball is touted by supporters as natural selection in action. Others claim it is needed to put the fatties and pussies in their respective places. Some even go so far as to say it teaches skills.

Dodgeball, although banned, is still the archetypical sport of gym class, and is remembered as such. Everyone except the fat, uncoordinated and general pussies is sad to see it go.
That ball Mike whipped at Lauren knocked her a good ten feet back and gave her a concussion.

That ball Mike whipped at that fat kid made him drop his Milk Duds.
by SleazySaint June 16, 2004
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badass sport being banned by schools for the crime of teaching survival skills
Dorks and the fat have their place, and it isn't on a dodgeball field.
by Shawn E. May 02, 2003
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A high impact competition in hauppauge high school that includes numerous teams which consists of 3 males and 3 females where the girls are as strong and equally competitive as the guys. We are going to dominate all the stupid sluts and hoes who think they have athletic ability but in reality are just doing it for the attention.
You dont know whats coming at you with our intense dodgeball team!
by Melissa December 14, 2004
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