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dobbin is to refer to someone or something as good looking.
morgan: that boys so dobbin
jodie: ooft i would
by Morgan :) April 06, 2008
the greatest thing to ever happen to mankind since icecream.
"who's that ninja.?"
"oh he's a dobbins."
by Juan H Gonzalez October 18, 2008
General term of animosity, usually used interchangeably for an asshole or cock block.
I was about to pull into a spot in the parking lot today when some Dobbins came out of nowhere and stole it.
by moonbear96 April 02, 2011
A bird-like creature often prancing around like a fag. It can be found eating its own feces or listening to anoying German music.
A Dobbins is known for having a rather gay hairstyle (such as dreadlocks or a mowhawk)
Look at that fag going to the Soal Salon, he is such a Dobbins.
by Kennith Bibby January 12, 2009
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