An unusually large penis prevalent in males of cypriot origin.
My Phil, what a large dobber you have!
by Symo Blazypeg January 27, 2003
Scottish slang for someone who is stupid.
That guy is such a dobber, he failed that really simple test.
by Flash2000 August 07, 2004
A dobber is not actually what people normally think it is!! Which is an old lady with a lisp by the way!
It actually originates from 1940 finland, and just means simply 'take a left, then a right, then another left and then its just on your right'.
Simple really
Go down the road there, take a left, then a right, then another left and then its just on your right!
by Benjamin February 11, 2004
Glasgow has always had a Catholic/Protestant divide, traditionally Celtic are associated with the Catholic side, Rangers with the Protestant.
Protestants hold in high regard King William of Orange. Therefore to a Celtic fan, they may be "Orange Bastards."(or basturts to use the local dialect).
Add the word "Dirty" to the beginning of the phrase and you have, "Dirty Orange Bastard" the initials of which form "DOB", which is where the widely-used Glasgow phrase "Dobber" originates from. Which, yes, means that if you're a dirty Rangers fan, and you call someone a dobber, you're slagging yourself. Up ye, and mon the hoops!
Check the nick of this dobber!
by Mon the Hoops February 22, 2006
it's a nick name for a man with a girls name!!
Ashley is a dobber!!!
by ??? April 08, 2004

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