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Duuurty word for Grass
Yer Nuthing But a Duuurty Dobber !
by islahtom June 29, 2004
commanly known as dumbfuck. The word that is known throughout the ned lanuage ( where i come from anyway).
" You've chibbed him in the wrong place! Dobber! "
by caz October 12, 2003
Term of endearment, most notably utilised by Mama 'Hoofter' Hurricane.
You Hoofting Dobber!
by Mama Hurricane November 15, 2006
A wee flop penis.
beat'it Sammy ya dobber
by Ali October 22, 2003
a taddle-tale, person who tells on other people.
You're telling dad ? You're such a dobber!
by Annie February 05, 2003
An unusually large penis prevalent in males of cypriot origin.
My Phil, what a large dobber you have!
by Symo Blazypeg January 27, 2003
Scottish slang for someone who is stupid.
That guy is such a dobber, he failed that really simple test.
by Flash2000 August 07, 2004