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One who is uncoordinated and clumsy. One who is a dumb kunt/dumb arse. One who is generally stupid, a moron, an idiot, a dickhead.

Its origins stem from the word “disabled”. To describe a person, as if he or she was disabled.
Henry: hey man, did you hear about that guy who walked into a wall?

Andrew: yeah...what a fuckin' dizzo.
by Hencat May 22, 2006
Form of the word dope most often attributed to snoop dogg because of the "zz" after the first vowel of a word and which can mean any drug most commonly heroin, cocaine, meth-amphetamine and other "hard street drugs" but can also mean prescription pills or marijuana. It can also be use to describe somthing as cool, fun, entertaining, better than, interesting, original.
Man that dudes dizzo some straight bullshit.
New roots album is dizzo they always doin they thing
That movie was dizzo the whole way through
by ItsTheJackBoi February 13, 2011
Male genitalia aka: cock, penis, dick, pole, tube steak et al.
She likes to suck my "dizzo" my tizzo and my finger!!
by Mike Temp March 08, 2003
dyke ass bitch
Wow, that bitch was such a Dizzo.
by mpapier July 10, 2008
My fat ass dick, cock, horse shlong
yo dawg dat bitch over thurr is on my dizzo
by Jake February 22, 2005
A word for insulting anyone who sucks really bad.
That skank is a dizzo for real.
by Ryan Stone January 15, 2004
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