makes a better house pet than a human, spoiled, one man moshpit. has is more brains critters than most ppl have brain cells. and will one day become god
hey look its div
by div February 06, 2004
Top Definition
Actually originates from prison slang in the UK. A job often given to the lowest inmates was to put cardboard dividers into boxes. Someone given this job was a 'divider' or a 'div'. Now used as an insult to those who display stupidity.
Oh you fucking div, you broke my ribs!
by tOmmy April 25, 2004
A HTML tag used for defining groups when programming a website in HTML
<div class="Example">

by reallylongusernamenobodyreads March 22, 2016
A dozy person, who's perhaps a bit stupid, or just vacant.
Marni: *kisses teeth* Don't like English, bruv. Miss is such a div I don't learn nothing in her lessons, so I go to Sir's English class. He is well a div; just lets me sit in the corner doing nothing
by Whoremonger April 14, 2008
Derived from "individual needs child", a cruel schoolyard insult. Not at all politically correct.

Someone who's "not quite normal", an idiot, spaz, etc.
You're such a div, you can't find your arse with either hand.
by Anon2 July 11, 2006
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