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From Fark - short for "Details In Thread"
I'm a whiny bitch - DIT
by fattyboombatty September 02, 2004
Stands for Dick Induced Tourette's. When a woman gets a such proper rogering by man that she has no control over the things that come out of her mouth.
"I couldn't sleep last night, my neighbor's girlfriend had a case of D.I.T."
by John Brewer February 04, 2008
Douchebag in Training, when a person is not quite yet a douchebag but training to be one.
man that guy is such a D.I.T. he just parked his stupid honda in a handicap spot.
by Seahawker360 June 11, 2014
Dublin Institute of Technology
Only the bestest college in Dublin!
Officially set up in 1997 but the institution can trace its origins back to 1887.
Other bigger colleges sometimes look down on DIT as it is broken up throughout Dublin and therefore doesnt seem as big or as important as their campus.
Apparently will be moving to Grangegorman where it will form a super college and take over the world!
It has 20,000 students attending.
DIT was named "Best Institute of Technology 2005" by the Sunday Times
Some famous alumini are
Bertie Ahern, Darina Allen and The Boomtown Rats.
I go to DIT Mountjoy square.....woo!!
by Black_Rose_325 September 26, 2008
Stands for Deep In Thought
pronounced "dit"
girl 1: "What's wrong?"
girl 2: "nothing im just very D.I.T"
by Robbie&Becky October 13, 2008
D.I.T Dyke in training. She is in her teens or younger and looks like she will be a full blown dyke when she grows up.
look at that girl in champs trying on jordans she's a d.i.t.
by karrissa August 12, 2008
Noun: 1. Insult; short for "idiot". 2. Can be used to refer to someone who is spiteful, snobby, bitchy, etc. 3. Can be used generically to refer to any person.
1. "What dit left the refrigerator open?" Adjective form is "dittish", as in "That was a dittish thing to do."
2. "That dit ran over my dog!"
3. "I think I'll invite a few dits over to watch the game."
by footalearn October 13, 2010
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