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2 definitions by TewSLy

pronounced: yap vak-yoom

1. (noun) An area in which there is little or no sign of aidual interference, such as a library or a studio booth, or any area where there is uninterrupted silence.

2. (noun) An occurrence when one diverts surrounding individuals' attention to oneself.

3. (noun) An area that naturally causes change in one's morale, whether negative or positive, causing silence simultaneously during the process.
(1) "It's too loud here to study. Let's find a yap vacuum."

(2) The sudden outbreak of vulgar word exchange quickly became a yap vacuum.

(3) "This place brings back many bad memories. It's such a yap vacuum."
by TewSLy September 09, 2012
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1. The result of a common error made during the attempt of typing the word "did."
user1: i dit it!
user2: you mean did.
user1: you know what i mean dammit!
by TewSLy August 03, 2011
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