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5 definitions by millie

fit as fuck
did u c dat lad ova der he is faf
by millie September 25, 2003
a very sexy man (not)
tharshanananananananananananannanananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananannaananananananananananananananannananann annanana
by millie December 10, 2003
chemically induced behavior, that typifies being drunk or under the influence of various chemicals, mostly alcohol
" I saw him at the bar last night. Man was he jimmyjanked."
by millie March 30, 2004
name for an ample breasted woman, with pinkish brown aereola's. always full of good counsel, salacious beauty and incredible ability to play the harmonica.
whaddup Big D, i gotta a real hankering fur the glazed donut. can ya help me?
by millie January 27, 2005
the little lines on your cell phone that measure battery power
I only have one dit on my cell phone. we might get cut off.
by millie October 02, 2004