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3 definitions by iraqigangsta

Professional Development for Engineers. See useless, utter failure, waste of time, or bukkake.
In 2005, PDeng has been offered to University of Waterloo students due to a low rate of suicide. Luckily, just 2 years after the program began, suicide rates have increased 57%.
by iraqigangsta July 10, 2008
414 73
Does not exist. The fact that this definition is even here is a paradox.
"Scared to death, Scared to look, they shook,
'cause aint no such thing as half way crooks"
by iraqigangsta January 17, 2008
207 50
You see the new diseased video?
Yeah, what bitch picks up her phone in the middle of giving head?
by iraqigangsta March 13, 2008
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