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One of those rare and wonderful words that means exactly what it sounds like. There is no word more onomatopoeic to confusion than discombobulate.

Also, a one-word admonition to Robert for being tardy to a seventies dance party.
I'm all discombobulated.

Disco? Mm, Bob--you late.
by Lady Chevalier May 07, 2005
To confuse, puzzle, perplex, baffle, mystify, bewilder, confound.
Q: You know how it works, the boson accelerates...
A: Don't even try to discombobulate me bitch
by Coopstar December 19, 2003
Confused, messed up, not in place
I'm so discombobulated!
My brain is very discombobulated
These books are very discombobulated
by Sammi Grantham March 13, 2006
To throw into a state of confussion.
Her example threw everyone into a state of discombobulation.
by Mary March 16, 2004
1. To arrange something so that it makes no sense.

2. To make a mistake when talking
1. I am going to discombobulate my room looking for my lost ...
by DOD21 May 26, 2008
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