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To dissmember or destroy something in quite a messy way.
"Dude, i just totally discombobulated that alien on my computer!!!"
by YOUR WORST ENEMY!!!! March 14, 2004
14 29
unusually insane
You discombobulated freak
by Three November 19, 2003
16 31
When you do something to something but your not sure what it is
I Discombobulated this Tomato (This is in refrence to cutting but you dont know to use the word cutting
by Tom Elson September 09, 2003
6 25
When a person with Chad-Legs walks brisky, or to runs.
After some chicken-mini's made his stomach uneasy, Chad discombobulated to the restroom.
by Big Daddy GEEEEE January 12, 2006
0 20
to DISconnect something while BOBbing your head (DIScomBOBulate). also known as: discombobulator, discombobulated, discombobulation, etc.
I just discombobulated my headphones.

Go discombobulate yourself!

I'm a discombobulator d-_-b.

I'll DIS com BOB u LATER.
by d[-_-]b DISCOMBOBULATER June 10, 2009
3 24