The act of masturbating violently, perhaps using objects that inflict pain on ones genitals, in order to achieve sexual pleasure.
1:"i was disasterbating yesterday with a a piece of plywood and i cant get the splinters out of my dick"

2:"i slammed my dick in the desk drawer yesterday when i was disasterbating and it is crooked now"
by Stretch911 April 01, 2011
Top Definition
Imagining that the worst possible things are going to happen regarding the future, over and over, until you totally freak yourself out.
Deena has been disasterbating about her big trip next week to Chicago. Now she's too scared to pack!
by LaMaupin February 22, 2014
Rapidly masturbating in the event of a disaster
-What's Kevin doing with his 10 minutes before the nuclear bomb?
-Oh, he's Disasterbating.
by The Kiel October 01, 2013
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