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Often experienced after a satisfying meal, especially of the "all you can eat" variety, "hobo full" is the feeling of being so completely sated that you desire nothing more than to lay down on the nearest possible flat surface (park bench, grassy knoll, sidewalk) and take a nap.

Feeling "hobo full" is generally accompanied by questions regarding ones ability to simply lay down, "Will anyone mind if I nap here?", which is almost always overruled by a welcoming ratty-sweatshirt pillow and a well-placed newspaper blanket.
"Wow, lunch was delicious but now I'm hobo full. Time to find an empty lot to nap in... oh wait, there's space on that lawn."
by djwendo February 12, 2010
Similar in function to that of a traditional "posse," the "prosse" is composed of either real 'working girls' or poorly dressed (and likely intoxicated) women who just make it look like they have sex for money.
1. "I hate leaving my office after dark, the prosse across the street moves in and I'm worried someone will drive by and think I'm picking them up!"

2. "Did you see those girls on the dance floor? I'm not sure where that prosse came from, but they're out in full force tonight!"
by djwendo March 10, 2010
When, after unsuccessfully attempting to pick up at the bar (or elsewhere), one returns home to masturbate... Generally while sobbing.
"I was chatting up this totally hot yoga instructor all night when she decides to mention that she has a boyfriend... So I basically had no choice but to head home alone and disasterbate."
by djwendo March 20, 2010
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