The Charles River, as mentioned in The Standells song, "Dirty Water"
I love that dirty water, Boston you're my home.
by radass February 26, 2009
J-Hope of BTS references saliva as dirty water because of it's stickiness and the unpleasant smell.
Euww Jimin,your dirty water is on my faceu.Don't tochuh my faceu.
by yanieistaewifeu September 15, 2016
1. N. the water that comes out out of your buttcrack when you have diarrhea when you poop
My butthole just let out a lot of dirty water
by the digusting freak December 20, 2011
- Another word for a mans siminal fluids.(eg sperm, jizz, cum etc...)Only this word is one that is normally said after large quantaties of alcohol when one wishes to terrorise.
Rayno and Dougie got in big trouble for telling a chick at the bar that they were going to empty their dirty water into her dirty bucket.
by Timmy Flowers August 12, 2005
When one takes a shit into a toilet and does not flush, then later that day pisses into the same unflushed toilet causing the shit to dissolve in the water turning the toilet bowl brown
Next time flush dude i got dirty water now!
by DINDO January 18, 2011
The act the follows after eating or drinking something that does not settle well with the stomach. Usually found in the toilet, comes in a variety of colors, but the shape always remains the same.
After eating some bad food I went into the restroom and made "Dirty Water".
by BTLS fan, Bubba ARMY October 31, 2006
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