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Hebrew for House of God (Beth El). A common name for sexy, active, African American men. Example: Bethel Johnson (who earned two super bowl rings while playing for the New England Patriots). The word also represents some of the most remotely exotic geographic areas (usually places where jungle men reside). Such as Bethel Island, CA & Bethel region, South Africa.
by Jo Bologna March 04, 2009
A word used to describe a hot and sexy girl or boy.

Bethels are usually listeners and not talkers although they usually have a lot to spill sexually
They hang around people who think their pretty/handsome when they are butterz
Bethels are a great catch, great in bed and too hot for words, but dont get on the wrong side of Bethel's. they know how to hold a grudge and fight
Nice Backoff
She was a Bethel in bed
by loulouyaers21 May 11, 2011
Typically (Jewish) usually used to describe a gorgeous female. Bethel's are pretty and a lot of people like them, but typically don't date many people because they like the attention. If you ever get one to like you, it's a blessing.
Did you see that hot Bethel?
by Yclnbmeh December 28, 2014
Baddest lil town in Southwest Ohio.
"Bethel is where its at." "Them Bethel kids dont fuck around"
by Norelli October 09, 2011
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