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1. Slang term for anus or ass
2. A person who says something dirty or nasty or makes a comment with sexual overtones.
1. I heard he likes to take it in the dirty bucket.

2. I told Lynsey that my legs hurt and she told me that I shouldn't keep them wrapped around my head so much. She is such a dirty bucket.
by Dane Reeves February 14, 2008
Derived from the idea of a dirty pint, a half spirits/half mixer pint usually given to someone as a birthday "present", a dirty bucket is the group equivalent whereby multiple dirty pints can be served to a number of people after a larger amount of spirits have been mixed together in a bucket.

A dirty bucket is a sure-fire way to ensure drunkenness on a massive scale. A dirty bucket also has the potential to be dangerous, and so should be approached with caution.
Roger: "So Harry, what are we going to get Fred for his birthday?"

Harry: "How about a dirty pint?"

Roger: "Sweet idea, but how are the rest of us going to get drunk?"

Harry: "Well, Roger, maybe we should make it a dirty bucket!"
by EddceLLent October 20, 2011
a woman with extremely low morals
It is better to empty your dirty water into a dirty bucket than carry it around with you
by Doug Mullett August 22, 2006
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