When two males are going at it in a dirty Taco-Bell bathroom
Melissa walked in on Conner and Wilson just as they were performing the dirty wilson
by william clay June 08, 2007
Top Definition
fisting a girl on her period than slapping your blood soaked hand on her back or stomach and drawing a liitle face onto it like tom hanks did to his ball in the movie castaway
Carrie became so attached to dirty wilson she cried when he was rinsed away
by ECHO ONE October 13, 2006
after performing a solid donkey punch, which is a overhand right to the back of the females head while performing anal sex which causes an intense tightening of the chocolate starfish; you pull out your pecker and and smack the female in the face and wipe any remaining shit on your pecker in her hair. (to take it up a notch be sure to have your female down a bottle of sriracha sauce for a messy surprise; liquid smoke can be used on special occasions)
After leaving the stir crazy Mr. Wilson had 3 hotties willing to get down on the dirty wilson.
by originalodb November 18, 2010
A dirty wilson has been committed when you snort cocaine off a hooker's taint.
Yeah dammit, we were just sitting there and he bent that whore over and gave her a dirty wilson. Right in the bar, it was unbelievable.
by Creamy Beaver July 06, 2004
alcoholic drink made from vodka, pineapple juice and ginger ale.
two beers and a dirty wilson please...
by elouk July 27, 2006
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