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A town you you hate to love. but cant get enough of it. Where the young over rule the elders.
Lismore is so boring.Do you wanna go to that party around the corner.
by Kirsty Shizzle Dizzle December 18, 2008
-A town located in NNSW, know by some as "lishole" because lismore is literally located in a hole, and the gronks, bums, whores and poverty of lismore.
-The Wilson river runs through lismore and is the most disgusting river EVER, brown as shit, bad milk is emptied hourly by local NORCO, i would not be surprised if there where human bones located at the bottom
-"lismore is such a hole"
-"good week on the coast, now to head back to lishole, how depressing"
by 187ontheundercover December 01, 2012
In the eccentric style of the legendary London club kid Daniel Lismore
Thats so Lismore
by Jess Cat April 13, 2010
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