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3 definitions by izi

scousers, anyone from liverpool or a supporter of liverpool football club
those dippers, nothing but murderers, racists, hubcap stealers, benefit claimers and low life criminals
by izi January 28, 2006
No Further Text

Used primarily on message boards after a catchy title which usually says all you really need to say, so in the text box you simply put nft, thereby implying you've got nothing further to say and it's great when your letting off steam.
MESSAGE BOARD TITLE: george bush is a cunt

by izi January 14, 2006
originally used by marzuk ingar as a nickname, until he realised mingar was a bit too close to minger which of course means very ugly.

mingar= ugly being
marzuk: i know, ive got a wicked nickname, mingar!!
aysha: that means ugly!
marzuk: no it doesnt!

(a few days later)
Marzuk: my nicknames mingar!! heavvy!!
Cousin:umm...mate that means ugly
Marzuk: (embarrased) oh!.....
by izi February 15, 2005