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17 definitions by Misty

Oldest and smallest dorm building at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.

Often lacks amenities, such as water, heat, Internet, electricity.

Has no elevator or air conditioning.

Produces close friendships.
I live in Heitz Hall. This week, we don't have insert amenity here.
by Misty April 26, 2004
a sexy, flirtatious girl
i was talking to a mim chick before
by Misty November 06, 2003
sex in a public place that includes water, i.e. a swimming pool, lake, ocean, etc.
After a day on the beach, we took a dirty swim in the ocean and almost got caught.
by Misty August 25, 2004
jerk; dickhead
My ex is such a whanker!
by Misty April 14, 2003
A quiet and shy woman. Mysterious in every way! Open, honest and loved by almost all that come in contact with her. Trustworthy and trusting. Eyes of an Angel and a pure heart! Intoxicating and breath taking! Loyal and Persistent. Determined, goal oriented with a love for music and an ear for talent! Solid foundation Loving and Fearing God!
Wow, I fell for Misty Gray! It was love at first sight! He beauty captivated me and her soul motivated me! I have never met nor will I ever meet another woman like Misty Gray!
by MisTy July 12, 2013
Resident Assistant
He's soo hot...but he's my R.A. -it would be sketchy.
by Misty October 29, 2003
an ass hole. this came from spanish II with an unknown teacher. if they don't check your work, feel free to use this in place of normal answers.
there is no example needed fo' this. it is pretty self explanatory.
by Misty January 28, 2004